Metal Support Poles

Metallic poles, which represent the support structure and, at the same time, the stretching and support frame for the wire mesh, are produced from steel Dx51D with high zinc coating degree (200-275 gZN/mp), between 14-20 nm, which displays the following technical characteristics:

  • resistance to corrosion and tension Rm (Mpa) = 270 ~ 500, 1MPa = 1 N / mm;

  • tolerance + / - 3 mm in length for profiles up to 2500 mm;

  • adequate resistance to shocks, soft but strong impact of hard bodies can produce local deformation.

Metal Support Poles:
    • a.1. central pole;

    • a.2. left bracing;

    • a.3. right bracing;

    • a.4. cross bracing;