METALWORK: leader of the profile market in Romania

Established in 1994 in Bucharest (Romania), METALWORK is a Romanian company with private capital, specialized to produce and distribute metallic profiles and accessories for gypsum-board systems (drywall structures) and modular ceilings systems.

By adopting a complex functional strategy, METALWORK has contributed to the formation of the specialized market in Romania, and has become known as an "important metal processing centre".

In support of these considerations, are the following testimonies:

  • in 2004, the company recorded an industrial volume of 20,000,000 linear meters, the equivalent of a 40% quota of the national market;
  • since 2007, all the products manufactured by Metal Work bear the EU conformity mark, by fulfilling the procedures under and free movement of goods within the Community.

The company's itinerary has evolved in the dynamic pace of the construction industry: from the manufacture of elementary perimetral profiles, to the production of adjustable accessories and the multi-functional systems.

Company's management ensures a close coordination of all operational processes, so that the quality of goods and services to enhance business partnerships, develop business and company image in the industry.

The mission of METALWORK is to develop integrated packages of solutions and services, at international standards in terms of performance products.

In his view, METALWORK has become the protagonist which is designed to permanently transfer the knowledge and use of new materials, innovative products and technologies, able to ensure quality growth and function spaces.

Each stage of transition to a higher level is founded on the basis of their own values - put generously in the service environment in which it works:

  • professionalism for the success of any action taken;
  • quality for customer satisfaction and safety;
  • dynamics in customer service and equity in the functional attitude;
  • commitment and Reliability as a starting point and growth of each collaboration;
  • information and knowledge, because the challenges are the engine of development.

For technical or commercial information, procurement, delivery or special orders, METALWORK provides complete support specialist. Our specialists are ready to provide the best solutions tailored to specific needs of each project. 

You only need to contact METALWORK.