Bearing Profiles

CD carrying profiles, made of zinced metal sheets, by cold lamination, 0.5 or 0.6 mm thick, are profiles used to support fake ceilings, fastened to gypsum-board plates. Depending on the suspension and loading procedure, there are various solutions. Their sizes match the sizes of the U-shaped perimeter profiles with which they connect.


  • fake ceilings;
  • masking dilatation joints;
  • ceiling connections;
  • gypsum-board shields.


  • easy to mount (due to the flexible and modular node system);
  • economical (even for carrying structures with complicated geometries);
  • safe, due to the enhanced technical design of the system.

The standard lengths of the profiles are 3000 mm and 4000 mm. Upon clients’ request, these products may be manufactured also in other sizes. Delivered in packages.