METALWORK: an innovator in terms of functionality and technique

Ideas capable of revolutionize are the challenges that METALWORK approaches, adapts and then transforms into innovative and competitive products. Any new challenge, honestly launched in the profile area, brings each time an increase in the brand value of METALWORK.

The future is built through trust and courage!

METALWORK is the leader in its activity area in Romania and in S-E Europe and it is still rising on the local and international market. Our products are associated as quality with those of the most important companies from the prefabricated area.

The managements of the company, constantly preoccupied with the market's evolution is developing rigorous investment strategies, regarding:
•    the improvement of the production capacity;
•    the enlargement of the fabricated array of products;
•    reaching the quality performances of the products;
•    rapid growth of production and earnings;
•    product delivery growth.

In 2007, METALWORK has extended its array of fabricated products by introducing:
•    two technological industrial lines for  producing metallic profiles (type "L and" type "T");
•    one automatic line for producing metallic accessories.

The technological investment programs implemented this year at METALWORK are helping the company to fulfil its objectives regarding the mix and quality of the products and also to reinforce its position on the international markets that have a high growth potential.

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